Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands in India in 2017

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I never thought that one day I would be writing about top 10 best lipstick brands in India. I am not married and I have never had a girlfriend. So why I would I write about it? But you have to do certain things to help people and I am trying my best. Last week I write about the best 10 B-schools in India and today I will be talking about the best lipstick brands in India. Lipsticks are very important for women. It makes them look beautiful and adds more to the beauty. Every woman wants her lips to look beautiful and that is why lipsticks are so popular. Millions of women search for the best lipstick in India. Some women love striking colors like red and some prefer darker shades. So let’s delve into it and talk about the top lipstick brands.

Best Lipstick Brands in India in 2017

I tried to strike a balance between the good brand names and the quality. This list of top lipstick brands in India is based on my own research so you might not see your favorite brand here. So let’s get started with the first one.

1- Lakme lipstick: Best Lipstick Brand in India

It is the best lipstick brand in India and probably the most popular one too. Everyone is familiar with Lakme’s name. everyone has heard of it on TV or advertisements. The best thing about Lakme is that it has something for everyone. There are so many options available and the prices are not too high. So these are the things that make Lakme the best long lasting lipstick brand in India.

2- L’oreal Paris

Again a very popular brand which does not need any kind of introduction. L’oreal Paris is a name that everyone knows. It is a good lipstick for dry lips. L’oreal Paris prices are higher than Lakme but they are not exorbitant. The only problem with L’oreal Paris is that they have only two ranges of lipsticks. They need to do more for our beautiful ladies out there.

3- Colorbar

I chose this brand as the third best lipstick brand in 2017 because it always comes with new and stylish products. The cost is not too high and thus it is easy on pockets. It is economical and they have many options to choose from depending on your skin tone.

4- MAC

MAC lipsticks are very good for dry lips and Indian skin tones. The price is around 1000 Rs for all the models and there are many colors and variants available. So you can choose anyone depending on your choice.

5- Revlon

It is not that well known but still, one of the best brands for lipsticks in India. They have right ranges of lipsticks and all of them are sold for around 500-1000 Rs. But the satisfaction that comes on your face after applying their products is something that is worth the money you are spending.

6- NYX

This brand is known for its lack of presence. They can be very hard to get since the outlets are not everywhere. But they are one of the best brands in India when it comes to lipsticks. They come in two ranges only.

7- Maybelline

This company is famous of their kohls and mascaras. They also make very good and cheap lipsticks. It is very moisturizing so this can be the best lipstick for dry lips.

8- Streetwear

Streetwear is a relatively lesser known brand but it will blow you away. If you are looking for something different and funky, you can try this brand. It is not that costly and the lipsticks will cost you around 200-300 Rs.

9- Coloressence

They are not well known but they deserve some attention. This brand makes very good lipsticks and the prices are under 500 Rs which won’t dig a hole in your pocket.

10- Chambor

This is again a very underrated brand. Their lipsticks are amazing and they make some of the longest lasting lipsticks in India. So try them once.

So these were the top and best lipstick brands in India in 2017. If you liked some of them, make sure you try them because a beautiful woman like you deserves the best. Have a nice day.

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